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- This old site is maintained for historic and technical reasons -

Who is this Mirage1 character and why did he make this site?

Well, I figured a few of you might want to know. I am just an average guy that works on computers all day, loves cars and has always been interested in stereos. Like most of you, I searched all over the Internet for information about these cars. I actually searched for 2 years before deciding that a smarter way to find out information would be to create a website that others searching the web could find.

That way, we could all share our experiences and knowledge. As you can see, it worked. We have people from all over the world visiting the website and message board. Everyone on the site has been great! You all helped to make the site what it is and the site will continue to be a compilation of information from everyone. I really appreciate all of the help.

That is me working on my custom intake.

Some extra website info:

I use AOL, why don't you recieve my attachments?

The majority of AOL e-mails I recieve have missing attachments. They usually say "Unable to display image." This happens when people try to attach "shortcuts" to the images.

If you send in pictures, please make sure to ATTACH them. Do not just drag-and-drop them into the e-mail.

My first dyno!

Click the picture for my dyno sheets.
My first dyno run.  110 HP - 113 TQ

Why don't you answer e-mails?

I am actually very busy and get tons of spam e-mails.

Sometimes people forget to type in their e-mail or mis-type it. If you don't get a response within a week, try sending me a reminder. I also have so many things going on that I might miss responding to an e-mail. Once again, just send me a reminder.

As usual, thanks for making the site what it is today. You guys are great!

Why Mirage1?

I was trying to get the name "Mirage" for the website, but it was taken. So, the next best thing was Mirage1... Seriously, that is how I picked the name. Now you know. Don't you feel smarter now?


The 1995 Mirage was wrecked, here is a link to the cars that I currently own:

Mirage1's cars


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