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TNaudio's 1998 Mirage DE Coupe


Side of car

Side/Front view


Custom Kick PanelsPassenger Kick Panel

Notice the custom kick panels and pillars?


The car has custom grahpics, custom tint, and very custom stereo.
It has custom bent 2.25" exhaust with matrix muffler.
It has arospeed intake, ractive front strut brace and HP coilovers .
White street glow gold series undercar kit and strobe lights on all 4 corners.
It won 1st in USAC pro 301-600 at nopi in pigeon forge and 2nd in USAC 301-600 pro at nopi nationals.
It was also a world finalist in the same class but I didn't have the time to make it to the show.
You can check the website for conformation on that.

The stereo has the following equipment:
Pioneer 9300r cd player,
xm satalite radio,
audio control overdrive,
2 audio control eqt 30 band equalizers,
audio control 24xs crossover,
2 mtx 6152 amps,
mtx 6500d amp,
2 mtx 8000 15" subs,
boston acoustics 6.5 pro series components.
The a-pillars are fiberglass custom to form the tweeters.
The kicks are custom for the mids.
The rear deck is glassed for the amp rack and painted gloss black.
The trunk is custom too but the pics will speak for themselves on it.

Future mods:

kyb struts, body kit of some sort and factory spoiler which i already have also, new guages from shark if they ever ship....the stereo is also going to have a complete rebuild. I'm shooting for a world title next year.

E-mail: [email protected]

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