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My first dyno run...

Important Information:

It was about 60 degrees out. The first run for my car was done with a very dirty K&N drop in filter. The second run was done with the filter removed. Removing the filter (even though it was completely dirty) only gained 1/2 HP and 1/2 Torque.

Modifications (nothing major):

  • Cat-back exhaust
  • K&N drop in filter
  • Disconnected Airconditioning/power steering belt
  • Nology spark plug wires
  • Jet Hot coated stock exhaust manifold
  • 195/15/50 tires

12/09/2000 Dyno run at Technodyne in Tempe, AZ

My Second Dyno Run

After RPW 4 to 1 headers, high-flow catalitic converter, and full 2.25" exhaust
(plus the stuff on the first dyno run)

I got my car weighed a while ago, here are the results. This shows the weight of the car on each of the tires plus the total weight and cross weights.

For dragracing, you want a good portion of the weight over the front tires (on front wheel drive cars.) For Autocross racing (cornering, braking, and accerating) you want to get the cross weights the same. Plus you want the front to back weight distribution to be closer to 50%/50%.

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