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Mitch's (Mirage1) 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage LS



Engine: 4G93 [1.8]

Transaxle: F5M22 [5-speed]

Color options

Interior: W83

Exterior: W83R

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and am the original owner.

The car really doesn't have any major modifications yet.

Here is my best 1/4 mile time:


60': 2.244

330: 6.538

1/8: 10.466 @ 67.8MPH

1/4: 15.839 @ 86.043MPH

I raced at SpeedWorld Raceway in Northwest Phoenix.

The altitude is about 1300' and it was about 65 degrees.


  • I started by switching to Castrol Syntec 5-50 Synthetic oil after 1500 miles.
  • Installed a K & N airfilter, removed extra intake ducting, and enlarged intake hole.
  • Switched to Mobil 1 0-30 Synthetic oil. This is much better oil.
  • Installed some MB Motoring 15x7 wheels with 195/50 Yokohama tires.
  • Cut the springs to figure out what height I want the car. Looks great.
  • Cut the bump-stops to keep it from bouncing down the road. Rides great.
  • Nology spark plug wires ($150!) I didn't notice $150 worth of improvement... But they look cool.
  • Cut the fog-light holes open to help cool off the brakes (the brakes on these cars are way too small.)
  • Jet-Hot coated the stock exhaust manifold and down pipe.
  • Added a custom Pro-Dyno Cat-back exhaust. Nice rumble.
  • Swapped the stock thermostat (180) for a 170 degree. Some shops don't carry it. I found mine at Autozone. The car no longer looses power once it is fully warmed up! Additional note: I believe that the car may be running slightly rich now. This may explain the extra power.
  • Switched to Nitto 450 Extremes. The Yokohama's were better.
  • Ported out the "hot" coolant elbow, for better flow.
  • Installed a front upper strut-tower bar.
  • Removed the power steering system.
  • Custom cold air intake.
  • Jet-Hot Coated RPW headers
  • High-flow catalytic converter and full 2.25" exhaust system
  • Jumptronix Air/Fuel ratio gauge.
  • 2G Turbo Eclipse MAS
  • Unorthidox Underdrive pulley
  • Lightened stock flywheel
  • Short-Shifter
  • 250hp Oil-Cooler/Oil-Filter relocator

Non-performance upgrades:

  • Alpine CD-player, and Infinity 6 1/2 EMITs.
  • PIAA superbright headlight bulbs.
  • 20% tint all around.
  • Gotta have the radar detector!

E-mail : [email protected]
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