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Eric's 1998 Mirage 1.5 SOHC (4G15) Turbo

Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3


  • Lowered with OBX CoilOvers
  • Evo 4 body kit
  • Shaved antenna and molded body kit
  • Ccustom painted mustang orange with blue mica pearl
  • Hella fog lights
  • PIAA hyper whites
  • OEM side markers from PI
  • 17" Enkei Zokus.

Right now I'm in the process of finishing up my turbo kit. Its practically complete except for the fuel. I need a fuel pump and fuel rail. But the only problem is the money! So since i have none of those things Im running too DAMN LEAN!

So, anyways here's what I've got in the engine:

  • Custom manifold and piping
  • Mitsubishi tdo4 turbo
  • Starion front mount intercooler
  • Vortex fmu
  • Apex bov and upper piping
  • Cyberdyne air fuel ratio or something like that
  • Autometer boost gauge.

It took me about I'd say a year and a half to complete this car.

Website: drive.to/mkulit2
E-mail: [email protected]

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