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- This old site is maintained for historic and technical reasons -

Cybertekstyling's Mirage

Bobby drives this 1998 Mirage DE and lives in Chicago, IL, USA.

EVO5 hood and front bumper

Old pictures of Evo IV bodykit from REV and yellow paint
Front of YellowSky's Mirage Side of YellowSky's Mirage

Performance upgrades:

  • EVO5 hood + spoiler, and a new paint
  • 16" Konig GTR Wheels (Custom painted white).
  • Clear lights all around.
  • Hella fog lights.
  • A'Pex universal Dunk exhaust.
  • Custom Ractive cold air intake.
  • OBX front strut bar, rear strut bar, front lower anti-sway brace.
  • Apex (not A'Pex) lowering springs (1.75").
  • And a bunch of little things (ie: shift knob, Autometer tach..etc).

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