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Boris' 1992 Colt 100E

Boris Levasseur (SpeedBro) lives in Val-David, province Quebec, in Canada. They have a small Club there, Mirage Evolution Crew.

Car: Plymouth Colt 100 E

Chassis Code: C10

Tranmission: F5M22

Engine: 4G15

1.5l 12 valves

Horsepower: about 140 hp

Front Picture with foglights Rear-side picture


  • 10.8:1 pistons
  • Ported and polished throttle body, cylinder head and intake manifold
  • Custom 2" muffler line with Dynomax Race series muffler (no catalytic converter)
  • K&N filter
  • Accel 8.8MM Ignition Wires
  • NGK double platinium plugs
  • MSD 6AE Ignition module
  • Weapon R fuel pressure regulator at about 70-80 psi
  • Centerforce clutch
  • Wheels: 14" five spoke with Radial Euro T/A tires
  • 1988 Colt turbo coil spring, rack-n-pinion, stabiliser bar
  • Vented and Cross drilled disk brake in front



  • Pioneer Premier DEH-P310 CD receiver
  • Kenwood 6 Coaxial in front 130 Watts
  • Kicker Competition 4" Coaxial in rear 150 Watts
  • 2 Clarion 10" subwoofer
  • Clarion 5 channel amplifier (550Watts) + Pioneer Premier 2 channel (300 Watts)


I don't have mile time but as soon as winter end i'm going there! The car is now Blue and the Wheels are White. I hope to find the C10 Turbo Side skirts and spoiler one day... If I can't before, spring, i'm gonna build some myself... Weight: about 2500 lbs.


Some Colt info and notes from Boris:

For the Colt 100 E, Chrysler decided to continue the production of the C10 until 1992, 1989+ C10 model are call Colt 100 E(Economic model) or Eagle Vista (TBI model), Eagle Vista GT (1.5l MFI 8valve/12 valve) and Vista GT Turbo (1.6l turbo single cam) And the C50 model is called Colt 200 E(economic) 200 GT(with spoilers and better interior) and GT Turbo(1989 only) the 1.6l twin cam non turbo was made in 1989 and 1990 in canada. Eagle Summit was another name for the C50 The advantage of the 1991-1992 C10 in Canada was that we had the 1.5l 12 valve engine. Well, I know that the shape of my car is not a big deal, but I had the car almost for free, so I decided to tune it up! I've always played with original engine instead of swaping engine (It's a fast way to get power).

But I find it more challenging tuning a small engine, before I had a 1988 Golf GTI with about 180 hp normally aspirated. The thing that blocked me on the 1.5l 12 valve was that there is no performance camshaft for the engine, so entering more air in the engine was difficult, possibillity was to get bigger valve (this can't be done on the 12 valve, the head would become too fragile), porting (that's what I've done) or turbocharging(i've tried it, but the engine wasn't able to support boost I wanted to have). Well 140 hp is not very high but people are impressed of the power for a small car, many people laught about it, but as soon as the light turns green, you can see the impression in their face (mostly civic guys). I've putted Colt turbo coil spring and stabiliser bar because they're stiffer, rack-n-pinion (quicker) and Colt turbo vented front disk brake (the stock on mine were solid disk... They heated 2 times so I use vented and drilled (I've drilled them myselft) disk and now I have no trouble braking.

E-mail : [email protected]

ICQ : 1846153

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