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1997-2001 Mirages (5th generation)

Dave's 1997 Mirage LS Coupe Quadzilla's 1999 Mirage LS Coupe TurboM's 1997 Mirage LS Coupe Ramon's 1999 Mirage LS Coupe Art's 1999 Mirage LS Coupe Alex's 2000 LS Coupe shmirage's 1998 DE Coupe Eric's 1998 1.5 turbo Mirage Coupe Scott's 2000 DE Coupe Nate's 2000 DE Coupe Geovannie's 1999 Mirage DE Sedan PIprez's 2001 DE Sedan Cybertekstyling's 1998 Mirage DE Sedan Mike's 1999 1.8 turbo Coupe with EVO IV kit Del's 2000 Mirage DE Sedan Mitsuman70's 1998 Mirage DE Sedan TNAudio's 1998 Mirage DE Coupe Charles' 2000 DE Sedan Ray's 1997 DE Sedan TNAudiofanatic's 1998 DE Sedan Freddy's 2001 Mirage ES Coupe Jesse's 1997 LS Coupe Tyson's 1997 Mirage S Coupe Rich's 1999 Mirage Coupe Sean Glazar's 2000 Mirage Drag Car


1993-1996 Mirages (4th generation)

Mitch's 1995 Mirage LS Coupe Luke's 1995 Mirage LS Coupe Dan's 1995 Mirage LS Coupe Kieth's 1995 Mirage S Coupe Calvin's 1995 LS Coupe Chris' 1995 Mirage S Coupe Lancer14's 1994 Mirage S Coupe Highspeed Racing's 1995 LS Coupe Piprez's Mirage Coupe Gerardo's 1995 LS Coupe Dummies' 1995 Plymouth Colt Coupe Preston's 1993 Colt Coupe Greg's 1994 Summit ES Coupe

Other years and models (1st-3rd generations)

Lafayette's 1991 Mitsubishi Colt Jason's 1989 Mirage Anthony's 1990 Mirage John's 1989 Mirage Eric's 1989 Turbo Mirage Tom's 1990 Colt GT Daily Driver Tom's Other Colt, a 1992 Colt Diamond Star Specialties turbo Colts Tom's 1991 Scandinavian GLXi Colt SpeedBro's 1992 Colt C100E Domingo's 1977 Dodge Colt


Lancers, Protons, and others

Simon's 1999 Proton Satria Ryan's 1999 Lancer MR Juan's 1997 Lancer GLXi Lancer Evolution VI 2000 Lancer MR George's Lancer GSR Bill's 1992 Eclipse GSX Mirage Cup Cars

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