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Here are some of the technical instructions that we have available.

Cam Gear technical info

RPW Header tech

Wiring an Air/Fuel Meter

Road Race Engineering Tech Tips
. Check out their solid engine mount instructions and the tweaker parts page!

APParts Solid Engine Mount info

How to make Phenolic / Teflon gaskets

Kilowatt <-> Horsepower conversion:

1kw = 1.33hp.

Therefore 10kw = 13.3hp.

To convert to Kilowatts, divide your Horsepower rating by 1.33 and you will get the equivelent kw rating. Also, you can multiply the kw rating by 1.33 and have your hprating.

Kilogram <-> Pound conversion:

1kw = 2.2046lbs.

Therefore 1,000kg = 2,204.6#

To convert to Kilograms, divide your Pounds by 2.2046. Also, you can multiply the Kilograms by 2.2046 and get the weight in Pounds.

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