Streetable Power


Stage 1 - up to 30% more horsepower

These are the recommended upgrades for a daily driven car. These will give a strong solid improvement without needing a replacement of the computer but would benefit from some fuel mods.

  1. 55mm or 60mm throttle body
  2. Stage 1 camshaft
  3. Four into one headers
  4. 2 - 1/4" exhaust system
  5. Rising fuel pressure regulator set to 45psi at idle
  6. Fitment of K&N Filtercharger (part number KN57-1500)
  7. Adjustable Cam Gear (Not essential but recommended)

This will make it a much nicer car and will work within the limits of the standard computer settings. Any bigger on any of the items will take it beyond that point and lose drivability. These should have a 1.5 near 125HP and a 1.8 near 140HP (at the flywheel).

Stage 2 - up to 40% more horsepower

Stage 1 plus the following: With the fitment of say a Apexi S-AFC controller or equivalent air/fuel controller, then you can upgrade to the stage 2 cam, and valve springs. A 60mm or 65mm throttle body would also be a good upgrade. A tranmission cooler is recommended for automatic transmission owners and a restalled torque converter will give you more powerful launches. An underdrive pulley would also gain you a few more horsepower. These additional upgrades should have a 1.5 near 140HP and a 1.8 near 155HP (at the flywheel).

Beyond Stage 2

For 5-speed owners, a lightened flywheel and better clutch would also help. Automatic transmission owners should switch to synthetic fluid with one bottle of Lubegard "black" added instead of the OEM fluid. Internal engine parts can be upgraded, such as pistons and connecting rods and there are many additional upgrades that can be performed. Don't forget to check out the turbo and quad throttle body systems if you want more power than the stage 2 option! You will eventually overtax the fuel pump and fuel injectors. Keep this in mind when you reach the end of stage 2 and beyond. You can also check out RPW's site for more upgrade ideas.

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