Intake Systems

Throttle Bodies  

Most Engines

+5mm boring of your stock throttle body


RPW can bore your stock throttle body. This usually increases the size by 5mm. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this service.


Another option is finding a 1.8 throttle body for your 1.5 or a turbo Eclipse throttle body for the 1.8 & 1.5 engines. Just make sure the electrical connectors are the same and that it will fit on your car. 1.5 engines may need some sort of additional fuel control after this mod.

Quad Throttle Bodies  
*Naturally Aspirated - Four cylinder model
*Forced Induction - Four cylinder model

*Prices may vary, there is a core fee included in the price, engine control computer not included. A Haltech computer or equivalent is required. This setup flows much more than the stock ECU can compensate for.

OBX MAS Adapters  

They have a 4" opening and are made out of aluminum. (1.8, 2.0, & 2.4 liter engines only.) For connecting an aftermarket airfilter to the intake air sensor.

$15 each
(shipped in the US)

OBX was nice enough to screw us with a bunch of extra charges and some terrible customer service. So, we are getting rid of these. They are not the best design. The MAS opening is flat and not cut very well. We only recommend these if you are looking for a cheap MAS adapter. They work fine for attaching a cone filter on to your MAS. We had 15 of them and they are not going quick.

(quantities are limited at this price.)


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