Sorry Everyone.

A severe lack of time has forced us to put the company on hold. We will be selling off what we have left. Look for that in the near future.


We specialize in aftermarket performance parts for Mitsubishi®
Mirages/Lancers, Dodge Colts, and Eagle Summits. We have the lowest
prices and best performance parts and accessories that you are looking for.

At this time, we are only selling parts for the 1.5 (4G15),
1.6 (4G92), 1.8 (4G93), 2.0 (4G94), 2.4 (4G64) SOHC engines, and the 3.0 (6G72) DOHC engine

RPW cam gear and stage1 cam

note: Most aftermarket parts are not C.A.R.B or D.O.T certified. They should be considered to be for
off-road/race use only unless they are legal in your state. Also, some parts are imported and thus
the prices may change with varying exchange and shipping rates. We will do our best to keep the
prices stable. Please contact us for an exact, up-to-date price. Thanks!


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