About A.P. Parts, Inc.

Absolute Perfection Parts, Inc.
is owned by Mirage1 (Mitch) and (Luke) the Honda Killer Felix.

In our quest to find affordable parts for our cars, we decided that the easiest way to help the Mirage scene would be to start a company and offer great prices. Our hope is to offer such great prices that every owner can afford at least some sort of modifications for their car. Headers for everyone!

About US...

We both have full-time day jobs. So, this may seem a little crazy. But we are trying to maintain a ridiculously low level of expenses in order to offer great prices. We realize that just offering Mirage parts is also going to limit business. We actually want that. How else are we going to have time to devote to you? Mitch and Luke are hoping to help out the regulars on the Mirage Performance site. Group buys and special deals for multiple purchases will be regular occurrences.

Both of us own 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage LSs. The only original difference was car color. We both live in North Phoenix, Arizona.

Mitch works on computers all day long.. He also maintains the "Mirage Performance Online" website in between work and car projects.

Luke loves killer body kits and lots of performance mods. His car will be a major work in progress..

We both thank you for visiting the site

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