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Jareau Almeyda's 1996 Turbocharged 1.5

Sorry, no pictures. He no longer ownes the car.

His story:

I HAD a 1996 1.5 Mitsubishi Mirage LS. I had the head mechanic at a Mitsu Dealer hook up my car. It had pistons from a 1995 Hyundai Scoupe Tubo (the piston head had to be lowered by a machine shop to match the original Mitsu piston. Scoupe piston rings. and Mitsu original Piston rods. The turbo was also from the Hyundai (both engines are 1.5) I had injectors from a 1991 6 cyl Mitsu Montero. I had a 5th injector connected to the hose just before the throttle body connected to a switch (very dangerous, your can can catch fire if installed incorrectly. It will guzzle the gas if left on!! But works like getting rear ended hit by a Mustang 5.0!) I had a universal oil cooler for the tranny (mine was automatic). and an intercooler form a 1991 Toyota Supra. Fit into the fog lamp area in the bumper. All this made my car easy take the street competition-Integra, CRX, Civic SI, Celica, Civic EX, Hyundai Scoupe (yup, I beat them at their own game) Etc. This was a quick rundown of what I had.

I dont have photos. This was 1999 in the summer. The montero injectors were not too big. I had a friend in Puerto Rico who had Mustang 5.0 injectors in his Mirage. (His was nitrous powered- a low end power house-I ate him up at high speeds although) The 5th injector was installed into the aluminum air pipe just before the throttle body; connected to the nearest injector and the wiring was interrupted by a switch and an indicator light. I had the injector connected to a switch on the stick (it was automatic, so I had the switch mounted behind the stick, facing the cup holder-where my middle finger could easily activate it) Also, A light was installed on the dash, where the intermittent switch is located- on mine I did not have cruise control, so that cover was set up with a cool looking bulb to tell me when the 5th injector was on-highly recommend!! Id activate the 5th injector at about 4,000rpm in 2nd gear. My buddies would activate between 3,500 and 4,000 rpms during all gears Dis-activating just before shifting and reactivating throughout all gears. Very effective-but you have to learn how to play the stick and button combo (a button is better on a stick, it will deactivate once you let go). It gives great high-end power, once I hit about 110mph; Id shut it down. I was not looking to die, and by that time the competition was clearly in my rear view mirror. Boost was 9lbs Monday through Friday. 14 or 15lbs on weekends, and some race night 21 lbs.-only if competition was stiff. At 21 lbs. burnouts were too easy and sometimes trouble. Id burn right into 2nd gear-letting the tranny do its thing, if I manually shifted Id have to play a lot of with the gas pedal.

Hope this helps!

Note: I had a sticker on across the front windshield that said: eXtreem eVolution. The X & V were in red larger than the rest of the letters which were white. The car was 2 door white with headlight covers, tinted windows-super dark. Original rear spoiler, a Hyundai Tiburon radio with upgraded speakers and Original Rims-good tires although. A nice ride, too bad I had to let it go. The car was stock looking except for the way it sounded and the stickers. The rear said LSi= The i was also in red. In case you see it somewhere!

Also: The Hyundai Scoupe turbo manifold will only fit 1993-1996 1.5 engines.

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