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Basic Engine Parts

The basics
1. This is the info that I would like to see if you want your car featured.

2. Mass Airflow Sensor (M.A.S). Tells the computer how much air is passing through the intake. The 1.5 liter engines do not have this.

3. Throttle Body (TB). Adjusts how much air is allowed into the Intake Manifold.

4. Intake Manifold. Attempts to evenly distribute the air to each cylinder.

5. Fuel Rail. Distributes fuel to the Fuel Injectors.

6. Distributor. Unfortunately the 4th generations and some of the 5th gens have them. It relies on two pieces of metal to make contact, while one is spinning at a high rate of speed. Thus, distributing the electricity to each sparkplug.

7. Crank Case Ventalation Hose. This allows the intake to suck searing hot fumes from the valve cover. There is also a PCV Valve underneath the Fuel Rail. This is in case the other hose cannot relieve enough pressure.

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